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From our foremost “rainmaker”

The issues that you face from your sales and marketing efforts are the same in a strong or weak economic climate. The need for a disciplined sales process is paramount to your success. I would like you to consider the concept that without a defined sales methodology, you are wandering down a twisted path hoping the next turn leads to success. The title of our monthly eNewsletter states it best; “It takes a disciplined process to produce an accelerated sales cycle.”

We are serious about getting more results in less time. We focus our effort in seeing your operation deliver more without undue burden on your current situation. We can help you better utilize your talent and information technology in a more meaningful way.

The One Goal - Revenue Generation® process combines our knowledge and experience in serving a wide range of clients in a diverse group of industries. We are confident we can make a difference in your business and welcome the opportunity to do so.

I would encourage you to listen to the Podcasts in the One Goal - Revenue Generation® series to get a better understanding of some of the barriers I believe hold people back from better sales results.

If you believe it’s time to make some positive changes in your business, contact me and let’s talk about how we can help you increase sales in less time.

Peter Kusterer, President

p.s. No matter what industry you serve, we are confident we can help you achieve your goals. You will find many articles in our free eNewsletter that can be helpful to you and your business. Please take a moment to Sign-Up and become a subscriber.

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Some of the Industries and

Customers we have served

Railinc is the largest single source of real-time, accurate, interline rail data in the North American Transportation Industry.

RŸWIREworks is a leading manufacturer of point of purchase magazine, book, newspaper, and literature racks.

Thomas, Judy & Tucker, P.A. The outsource accounting division specializes in multi-location businesses.

The TROY Group (OTC:TROY) is a worldwide provider of secure payment solutions.

Other companies we have served include...

Rail and Transportation


Outsource Business Services

Software and Information Technology

PolyFuel (fuel cells), Moore Technology Solutions (now a part of RR Donnelley),  DocPath, formerly Resolutions (document management systems), Kendall Placement Group (outsource staffing and HR), SilverMark (software productivity tools), AccessDTV (digital media hardware and services), as well as other companies and diverse industries.