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You are here because in your mind something is not working quite right. You believe you know what to do, but you are looking for someone to confirm your thoughts, or offer better ideas or methods to get the job done. You have come to the right place. You will find that working with us is straightforward and easy to do.

The People:

Executive and Departmental Coaching – We work closely, one-on-one, as mentor and coach with Key Personnel throughout the firm. Our experience encompasses many departments and job areas in a wide variety of businesses and industries.

Selection and Evaluation of New Employees  - Serve as an observer and coach during the selection process. We assist with the development of job descriptions, roles and responsibilities, and compensation plans.

Sales Development, Territory Management, and Training - Work with existing sales representatives and sales management on their individual and group sales effectiveness and presentation skills. This includes account and territory planning, as well as the use of contact management automation and CRM systems.

The Process:

Use and Deployment – Refine the methods and processes for existing installations or new developments in departmental roll-outs. This may include newer collaboration software and technology as well as more traditional software applications.

Business Development – New markets and product introductions. We help you develop a matrix of 'best fit' for the sale and distribution of your products, and/or services.

Corporate Partnering – We introduce the client to key Corporate Partners. Sometimes referred to as someone else to do the 'heavy-lifting’, we help you leverage the strength of the combined parties.

NvestNtech Professional Services

The Technology:

Software and Information Technology – Design, develop, and facilitate the implementation of custom applications for

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unique business requirements. In some cases, this may be proprietary applications that have the potential for “general availability” to the public.

Technology Selection and Evaluation – We serve clients who produce the technology along with those who use software and information technology. This includes ERP and CRM systems, as well as our ability to recommend the methods to achieve better results.

Other related services include:

Materials and Mediums –Construct electronic newsletters, assist with Weblog (blog) implementation, and perform Web site design and development.

Promotion, Public Relations, and Publicity - Compose Press Release, post to 'wire service' ("Business Wire"), and serve as Press Contact.

Marketing Communications (a.k.a., Marcomm) - Develop Direct Response Marketing materials, processes, and tracking (analytics) for campaign-driven lead generation. Conduct surveys and analysis of installed base (of users) to better align marketing materials to lead generation and sales closure.

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