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 It takes a disciplined process to produce an accelerated sales cycle.
January, 2009
Issue: 39
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Where does your company's CRM rank?
We posed the question, "How disciplined is your approach
to sales management and reporting?" to readers and subscribers of our blog. We would like to hear from you, too.
Please click on this link to participate in an online Poll to cast your vote as to where your Customer Relationship Management ranks against others. If you would like to comment further, follow the link in the story below to the blog Post.
We welcome all votes, so forward this on to others.The Poll will remain open until January 31, 2009. We will post the results of the survey in our February issue of the monthly eNewsletter..
Sincerely, The Editor
"How disciplined is your approach to sales management and reporting?"
from the Sales Barriers blog
With all the emphasis on sales force automation/CRM, or contact management, it would be interesting to see how many companies employ one of the more common results we see in practice. Look over the following descriptions and 'cast your vote' in the form of a comment. Where does your company fit in this group?
1) Seasoned installation of sophisticated automation (i.e., software and information technology like CRM) with a well-defined and disciplined sales approach to manage the sales cycle. Each step in the sales process is monitored by the individual and sales management; the defined process is adhered to without exception.

Read the rest of the choices by clicking here.
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Help Wanted - Aspiring columnists
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