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September/October, 2008
Issue: 36
The last 30 days feels like a free fall
Watching the stock market collapse and the tightening of credit over the last 30 days reminds me of the nickname for NASA's weightlessness training and research aircraft - the "Vomit Comet". This has been one wild, descending ride; I hope the climb to a higher altitude has a little less turbulence along the way.

This month we bring you links to guides and publications from the Small Business & Technology Development Center (SBTDC) to help you better manage your business. We also believe it's important to get control of potential islands of information from your Sales Team; we apply the notion of Digital Rights Management when it comes to customer contact records.
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Business Start-Up & Resource Guide
Even the most seasoned small business can use this
The Small Business & Technology Development Center (SBTDC) is The University of North Carolina's business and technology extension service.  The SBTDC is administered by NC State University on behalf of The University of North Carolina System, and is operated in partnership with the US Small Business Administration.
They offer a number of helpful publications for the small to medium business owner. Their guidebook titled "Business Start-Up & Resource Guide" can help the aspiring small business, and seasoned owners alike. Their publication "Capital Opportunities for Small Business" (2008 edition) can be helpful to those who seek "start-up financing, (and) businesses hunting for expansion capital".
For a complete list of their publications, click here.
Digital Rights Management 
Applies to Sales Contact and Customer records, too
As far as the title goes in this Post, I'll admit upfront that it may be a stretch from the typical definition of DRM. The term Digital Rights Management (DRM) is most commonly associated with music and video recordings. However, in this case I would like to apply it in a broader sense of who can restrict the use and transfer of the digital content, a.k.a., who owns it.
The content in this case is the records you keep as a salesperson, either paper or "digital" (stored on a computer or device). The assumption here is that you work for a company, and not yourself, i.e., you are on the payroll and they are footing the bill.
This topic came to mind while I was making a comment in a forum on how to eliminate duplicate records being imported into a CRM. The person asking the question was being tasked to combine Outlook contact records from many salespeople into a new CRM. Further down the thread, one person offered up the question, "How do the salespeople feel about everyone having access to their individual mailing list?"
Click here to read more
Innovation - Cash Acme's SharkBite®
Push-fit plumbing - no soldering, clamps, or glue 
Cash Acme SharkBiteWhen it comes to my home plumbing experience - which includes a large, whole-house renovation of a 1911 home  - the latest innovation for me was the ease of using PEX pipe and fittings. I recently came across this innovative plumbing system at a local Home Depot called the SharkBite® Connection System from Cash Acme. I don't have any firsthand experience with it, but what caught my attention was the extent of the fittings and kits.
Cash Acme SharkBite® Water Heater For anyone like me that has plumbed a hot water heater under the house, it would appear the SharkBite® Water Heater Installation Kits would be helpful. The notion of push-fit fittings in place of a sweat-solder fitting in a tight, small place sounds attractive.
Cash Acme describes the SharkBite® push-fit connection as "join copper, CPVC or PEX pipe in any combination - with no soldering, clamps, unions or glue. Just insert the pipe and the stainless steel teeth bite down and grip tight, while a specially formulated O-ring compresses to create a perfect seal."
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Overcoming Sales Barriers
In This Issue
Business Start-Up & Resource Guide
Digital Rights Management...
Innovation - Cash Acme's SharkBite®
Ask A Question?: Marketing Expenses
Podcast: Downward trend in sales
A Good Read: The House of Morgan
Ask A Question? 

"In this tough Economy, what Marketing expenses should we cut, first?" 
 As a general rule, we don't recommend cutting Marketing expenses in a tough business climate. However, we do believe you should prioritize your expenses based on the results they garner for the business. Too often, monies are spent without assigning some level of payback for the effort and expense. Assign a Quota to Marketing in a similar way to what you would expect from your Sales Team.
Most Downloaded Podcast
You had a record month in sales, but this month seems to be on a downward trend, and you are concerned about your ability to deliver the required results. The only thing you believe can turn the situation around is you.
Download this episode - "When record sales suddenly fall flat."
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A Good Read

The House of Morgan
The House of Morgan: An American Banking Dynasty and the Rise of Modern Finance
Chernow vividly portrays the influence that the Morgan banks have had on the history of the Western economy since the late 18th century. The epic story of the development of the American industrial experience is inextricably related to the history of the Morgan banks.

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