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It takes a disciplined process to produce an accelerated sales cycle


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Our foremost rainmaker is curious and likes to write about what he discovers in business and his own work/life balance.

With more than 30 years of sales and sales management experience, Peter Kusterer of NvestNtech authors his blog in an effort “To muse the profession of Sales, business, innovation, and everyday life.”

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We are pleased to offer the One Goal - Revenue Generation ® series of Podcasts. This series covers a wide range of topics on the profession of sales, sales management, and developing an

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accelerated sales cycle through a more disciplined process.

Our podcasts are professionally recorded at a studio in Raleigh, NC and featured on iTunes.

NvestNtech’s One Goal - Revenue Generation® delivers a better business model. Immediate improvement can be seen in overall sales performance, a more refined sales technique, and better sales methods.

One of the key assets to any successful business is accurate sales forecasting. Whether you take a top down or bottom up approach to forecasts, you need to develop a forecasting technique that mirrors the success of prior sales. This takes a disciplined approach and that is where we come in.

We look closely at the alignment of peoples’ skills to their job responsibilities. Next, we’ll review the way you do business. Our experience in many industries, products, and technology affords us a unique perspective on not just doing the right things, but looking at ways to perform in a more streamlined and systematic way.

We don’t stop there! When it comes to systems and infrastructure, if not applied properly, the introduction of new technology can become a hindrance to growing your business. We help you invest wisely in the training, improvement, and refinement of its use.

It takes a disciplined process to produce an accelerated sales cycle. Contact us to learn how you can put our One Goal - Revenue Generation® methods to work for you.